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We revisit Yaelin (a.k.a. “Big Blue”) the immense indigo ingenue.  Just like in chapters 1-4, Yaelin engages evil exerting her enormous endowment

Our book features gratuitous, far-out nudity and some sex.  It is intended for readers eighteen years of age and older.

In issue five, Yaelin is engulfed by the elongated endowments of the evildoers known as “The Acolytes.” This quartet of criminals with colossal cans extend eight enhanced Everests. That’s ten titanic tits tussling.  Is this the finale for the fulsome fighter? .

Plus, Yaelin uncovers the identity of the mastermind known only as "Nucleus" and their secret plan to conquer Earth. Spoiler Alert: It’s breast-related.

PLEASE NOTE!  In the images the right we have mixed in a mosaic to muddle the maiden's monumental melons.  It's kind of pointless to do that to a woman with 25 cm diameter areoles, but rules are rules.  The actual book is uncensored.  You can dwell on her developed double dollops in dynamic digital detail. 

It’s designed to appeal primarily to the breast fetish crowd but also to be enjoyed by other audiences, especially female readers who will enjoy a strong heroine in spite of the fact that she is clearly designed for the male gaze.

It is intended to rely on a strong story and (no pun intended) three dimensional characters and this appeal is to be equal to its appeal as an erotic book.

"Big Blue" is written by legendary adult comic book writer Mase Corgan and superstars Mariano Navarro and Hernàn Cabrera of PortalComic will provide the artwork.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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